The Brain Named Itself

I’m currently working on a model of a brain. If my larynx project is anything to go by, I should be done in about three years. HAHA. Just kidding. So far, I have the shape of the cerebrum and a few sulci. It’s getting there. :/

Update Feb 9, 2019: I reworked my cerebrum model a bit. It still looks a little messy, but I’m not a perfectionist.

Yay! A new project

The Body is a pet project that stemmed from an assignment from my voice disorders class. My classmates and I had to construct a larynx using any material we saw fit. One person crocheted a larynx, another made an abstract painting of a larynx; I decided to create my larynx with pixels and code. My goal is to present interactive 3D structures of the whole body. For now, here is the larynx.

Front view of the larynx - an interactive 3D structure